2009 Ordinances

2009-20 Adopting the Budget for the Town of Eatonville, Washington for the Calendar year 2010

2009-19 Relating to contracting indebtedness; providing for the issuance of a $140,000 par value limited tax general obligation bond, 2009, of the Town for General Town purposes to provide funds with which to pay a part of the cost of making a public park and other improvements related to the downtown plaza project, and paying the costs of issuance and sale of such bond; establishing a bond redemption fund and approving the sale and providing for the delivery of the bond to Key Bank National association of Tacoma, Washington

2009-18 Repealing Ordinance 2007-10 concerning parking in the downtown and adding a new chapter to Eatonville Municipal Code 10.16 establishing time restricted parking zones in the Town Center

2009-17 Repealing any Ordinance in conflict thereof and increasing the Eatonville EMS levy for 2010 by 1.2767% of the 2009 EMS Levy

2009-15 Repealing any Ordinance in conflict thereof and increasing the Regular levy for 2010 by 0% of Regular Levy

2009-14 Amending Chapter 9.08, adding new section 9.08.090 to penalize attempts at suicide

2009-13 To compensate the Mayor Pro Tem in the absence of the Mayor and amending Council Member compensation and EMC 2.04.014

2009-11 Amending the Town of Eatonville comprehensive plan

2009-10 version 1 Regulating the use of Mortorized scooters to include equipment and other operational requirements by adding new section 10.28.075 to the Eatonville Municipal Code

2009-9(b) Amending EMC Section 18.08.160 to allow reduced setbacks for accessory buildings which are less than one hundred and Twenty (120) square feet

2009-9 Approving the hiring of a full time Fire Department Fire Fighter and adding a new section to Chapter 2.28 of the Eatonville Municipal Code

2009-6 Annexing certain property(Pilch)

2009-3 Removing section 16.72 the uniform sign code from the Eatonville Municipal Code

2009-2 Authorizing the payment fo claims or other obligaions by check pursuant to RCW 35.27.345 and replacing EMC Ch. 3.16

2009-1 version 2 Amending Chapter 17.20.110 of the Eatonville Municipal Code to allow for longer preliminary plat approval timelines and phasing