2012 Ordinances

2012-21-Relating to underage gatherings; creating a new Chapter under Title 9 of the EMC; prohibiting underage gatherings and authorizing abatement of the same; authorizing imposition of monetary civil penalties; providing for severabilty and establishing an effective date

2012-20-Relating to civil infraction procedures and criminal code; creating a new section under Chapter 1.12 of the Eatonville Municipal Code; Amending EMC 9.20.020; providing for severability; and establishing an effective date

2012-19-Adopting a Budget for the Town of Eatonville, Washington for the caledar year 2013

2012-18-Annexing certain properties

2012-17-Relating to utility taxes, amending 3.30.020, and providing for savings, a sunset date, severability and an effective date

2012-16-Relating to civil emergencies, amending EMC 2.60.040, and providing for an effecting date

2012-15-Repealing any Ordinance in conflict therefo and authorizing the collection of the Eatonville Regular Tax Levy for 2013

2012-14-Repealing any Ordinance in conflict thereof and authorizing the collection of the Eatonville EMS Levy for 2013

2012-13-Amending the 2012 Budget of the Town of Eatonville as adopted by Ordinance 2011-24

2012-12-Relating to the waterworks utility of the Town; amending Ordinance 2012-7 and providing for related matters

2012-11Repealing Chapter 2.24 of the Eatonville Municipal Code, providing for severability and an effective date

2012-10-Determining annexation of certain property under direct petition method and providing effective date

2012-9-Relating to funding for general maintenance and operation costs with property taxes; proving for the submission to the qualified electors of the Town at the statewide general election to be held November 6, 2012, a proposition authorizing the Town of Eatonville for a special excess levy to cover general maintenance and operation costs; providing for severabilty, ratification of past consistent actions and an effective date

2012-8-Relating to vacation of unopened portion of alley between Carter St SW and Center St SW and between Cedar Ave N and Pennsylvania Ave N

2012-7-Relating to the waterworks utility of the Town; providing for the issuance of the Town's waterworks utiity revenue bonds in the aggregate principal amount of not to exeed $1,240,000 to obtain a part of the funds required to carry out a system or plan of additions to and betterments and extension of the waterworks utility and pay the costs of issuance and sale of the bonds; fixing or setting parameters with respect to certain terms of the bonds; appointing the Mayor as the Town's designated representative to approve the final terms of the sale and the issuance of the bonds and to take certain other actions with respect to carrying out the issuance and sale of the bonds; and authorizing the sale and providing for the delivery of the bonds to the United States of America, acting through the United States Department of Agriculture

2012-6-Establishing a Transportaion Benefit District within the corporate limits of the Town of Eatonville, specifying the maintenence and preservation of existing transportaion improvements, providing for additional transportation improvments and creating a new Chapter 3.22 of the Eatonville Municipal Code entitled "Eatonville Transportation District"

2012-5-Relating to impounding of vehicles and recovery of costs incurred as a result of certain driving offenses, amending Sections 10.21.010, 10.21.020, 10.21.030, and 10.21.040 of the Eatonville Municipal Code; adding two new sections to Chapter 10.21 EMC; adding a new Chapter to Title 3 EMC; and providing for savings and an effective date

2012-4-Relating to reduction in Building Review Fees in certain circumstances, amending EMC 16.04.050, and providing an effective date

2012-3-Relating to Utility Taxes, amending EMC 3.30.010 and 3.30.020, adding new sections to Chapter 3.30 EMC, and Providing for savings, a sunset date, severability and effective dates