2006 Ordinances


2006-21 Providing for the submission to the voters of the district at an election to be held within the district on September 19, 2006, in conjunction with the statewide election to be held on the same date, of a proposition authorizing the district to impose an additional regular property tax levy pursuant to RCW 84.52.069 to provide funds for emergency medical care and emergency medical services.

2006-18 Adding a new chapter to the EMC chapter 10.08.070, Speed limits at Alder Park on Alder Street East and Madison Ave. South.

2006-17 Amending the Town's Comprehensive Plan and Ordinance No. 2005-9.

2006-16 Adding a new subsection to the EMC, Comprehensive Plan.

2006-15 Repealing Ordinance 2005-3(B) and current Eatonville Code Section 17.60.100, relating to school impact fees.

2006-14 Providing that a violation of EMC 6.40.070 constitutes a civil infraction, and amending the EMC- 6.40.120 and Ordinance 2001-12&1.-animals at large.

2006-12 Amending development regulations to rezone a parcel of property from SF-3 to MF-2 by adding a new section to EMC.

2006-10 Regarding the Town's publicly owned treatment works and creating a new chapter 13.30 in the EMC.

2006-9 Amending Chapter 16.54.070 storm water management and erosion control Section D.

2006-8 Adding New Sections to Chapter 18.02 and Chapter 18.08 of the EMC.

2006-7 Regarding the parking, storage or habitation of major recreational equipment, and the parking of recreational vehicles and trailers amending code section 18.08.080, and adding a new code chapter 10.18.

2006-6 Amending the EMC by establishing development regulations at and adjacent to the Eatonville airport-Swanson Field, creating new sections 18.04.185 and .187 of the Municipal code, and repealing existing section 18.04.185 and Ord. 94-06 §2, 1994.

2006-5 Amending 2005-17 (Public Noise Nuisance) and EMC 8.10.110 Part A.

2006-4 Amending and recodifying certain development regulations (code chapter 18.04) so as to conform them to the revised comprehensive plan.

2006-3 Vacating land dedicated to the Town for a street right of way along Rainier Avenue from its intersection with Prospect Street North to its intersecion with Larson Street, and a portion of Larson Street between Rainier Avenue and Mashell Avenue.

2006-2 Vacate land dedicated to the Town for a right of way for an alley located between Orchard and Rainier Avenues, and Prospect and Larson Streets.

2006-1 Approve hiring of animal control, parks, storm maintenance position.